vrijdag 21 januari 2011

Welcome at the Santoni Society

Welcome Santoni Shoes fans,

This is the website of the Santoni Society. A website that is dedicated to the world´s most beautiful shoe brand. Famous because of the extraordinary design and quality of their handmade shoes. 

What has become a shoe brand with fans from all over the world, started in 1938, with the birth of Andrea Santoni. His handmade shoes are built with passion and pride in a traditional way. The factory, where now 220 master shoemakers work,was opened in 1977.

These are unique products, handcrafted by master shoemakers who passionately devote the same care every day and give equal attention to each of the amazing stages.From the creation of the wooden formers, the genesis of the article, continuing through to the polishing and thorough final inspection. 

The manual cutting of the leather, the hand stitching, in different styles of footwear, the use of fine leathers even for the whole insole, the choice of the best materials, together with time and knowledge of shapes, make each creation an excellent product. 

In each of the manufactured articles the tradition of Italian footwear and International aesthetics research come to life, the ability of skilled master shoemakers and the tenacity of their manufacture which is designed to last
for a very long time.

What started as a little factory in a garage, became an international story of success.

When you love Santoni Shoes, you are part of the Santoni Society. So keep checking our website for news, background information, pictures etc.