dinsdag 5 april 2011

Santoni - The Cycle (the website intro animation)

All object are made by hand
Many of you have probably already visited the Santoni Shoes website. When the website opens, a very arty animation is shown. "Santoni - The Cycle" is a short movie that was presented at the AMG Theater for "Behind The Brands, an art movie gallery for top brands with Felice Limosani. During the 63rd Cannes Film Festival in 2010.

The colorful parts of the scene

Santoni shoes are an example of a fine italian shoemaking tradition. Classic style is expertly crafted by the care of skilled hands, to give the feeling and beautiful custom-made effect. The people of Santoni always have the desire to create something unique. All brand values are mixed together in a visual and totally handmade experience.

Santoni - The Cycle is also an example of true craftsmanship by the people of Happycentro, a creative studio that began in 1998 in Verona, the city Every shot, every picture is different to the previous one. The creative people of the Happycentro studio made every object and part of this animation by hand. Also the movement of all the part had to been done by hand.

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Check out "Santoni - The Cycle" 

Check out "The Making of: Santoni - The Cycle"

Full Credits:
Concept & Creative Director: felicelimosani.com
Director: Federico Galvani @ happycentro.it
Illustration and Props Design: Andrea Manzati, Carlotta Perbellini, Andrea Donà
Animation: Federico Padovani, Federico Galvani, Andrea Manzati
Set Design: Federico Padovani, Giulio Grigollo, Roberto Solieri, Carlotta Perbellini, Andrea Donà
Director of photography: 
Video Compositing: Massimiliano Mazzi @ 
Production: Felice Limosani Studio
Music: “Akro Bat” 

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