woensdag 18 mei 2011

Santoni for AMG

Last week, Santoni and AMG launched their new website for the "Santoni for AMG" collection. For Santoni Society a great moment to shine a light on this important partnership.

The excellencies meet, developing projects that share values, passion, tradition, style, research and design. 
Mercedes-AMG, synonimous of avantgarde in car research, meets the excellence of Santoni handcraftsmanship. 

Unique products, designed exclusively for driving and competition. 
Creations where you can find all the values of Italian shoemaking tradition, combined with the stylistic research, the constant improvement of comfort, innovative materials and anatomical studies.

Masterpieces made to last, made entirely by hand and using the best materials. 

It all started in 2005 because of Giuseppe's passion for the beautiful and powerful cars that AMG creates. The result was a collection by Santoni, made especially for AMG. In the beginning of 2010, Santoni for AMG presented a new shoe: The Santoni for AMG SLS. A tribute to the new "Gullwing" SLS AMG.

Giuseppe Santoni drives a Mercedes CLS 63 AMG.

For more pictures of the Santoni for AMG collection, check our Facebook page at

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