maandag 31 oktober 2011

Winter warm: Santoni Mountain Chic

This winter, Santoni makes sure that you will look stylish and your feet will be warm. With a collection of shoes that are all handcrafted and with names like Chamonix, Everest and St. Moritz, the name "Mountain Chic" really comes to mind.

Some models are inspired on old skiboots or mountain boots and with the anti-slip rubber soles and up to 600 stitches, the famous Santoni quality is recognizable immediately. The rubber sole not only gives you the grip that you need in the snow or on a hill, it also is a good isolation and gives you more warmth. The warmth is also created by the fur interior of some shoes. 

 Besides the "boots", also the classic shoes like the Oscar and George are fitted with a rubber sole with profile. A wonderful combination of a classic shoe with a sporty and casual look. If you want a really sporty shoe, than Santoni offers you the Santoni for AMG sneakers. This winter there even is a medium high sneaker with a fur interior and of course a rubber sole.

All shoes above are available in a variety of colors and materials. From brown to red and from calf to crocodile.

These shoes are available in the Santoni Online Boutique. For more information and pictures, please visit our facebook page or the Santoni website.

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