dinsdag 17 juli 2012

Santoni - The new logo

Very recently, something changed at Santoni. As some of you might have noticed at the Santoni website or the Online Boutique, the Santoni logo has a new look. After many years of good service, the old elegant and traditional logo can finally retire and the new logo enters in Santoni's corporate materials.
Of course the new logo is not completely different, it is just a revisiting of the old logo. With a design that is more contemporary, it is also more suitable for the women and junior collection. Two markets that are still growing each year.
Besides the new logo, Santoni also made some adjustments in de image of the advertisements. In the past, mostly it was all about the shoe. From now on, Santoni wants to show us a warmer image and more a (life)style instead of only the product.

This is all one of the steps that Santoni makes in the complete re-positioning of the brand. Very soon the Santoni Society logo will also get a make over. But untill then, please enjoy our classic logo.

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