donderdag 31 januari 2013

Santoni Autumn-Winter Collection 2013-2014

On the 12th of January, in their showroom at the Via Montenapoleone in Milan, Santoni presented the Autumn / Winter 2013-2014 Collection for men:
"The protagonist of style"

“Away from extremism, but not conservative. A determined man, proponent of a classic taste but remaining original”. This is the concept behind the Santoni autumn / winter 2013-14 men's collection. This season’s inspirations – ranging from the 1920s to today’s contemporary metropolis – work together to build one harmonious collection that combines passion and a perfect balance of tradition and avantgarde elements, all inspired by a love for beautiful items.

The formal is an essential point of Santoni’s spirit and the double buckle, Santoni’s signature model, is reinterpreted with a trendy palette within this collection. Rich shades of ultramarine blues, greens, burgundies, and browns are coated by hand for added intensity while sleek black styles for evening are manufactured from luxury materials ranging from crocodile to velvet.

Inspired by the '20s, the new “worker” models revisit through essential and contemporary shapes the bourgeois elegance of the past. With proportions redesigned finding a new balance, sober and sophisticated tones and a charming “patina of time”, This shoe defines a sartorial style with the essence of the contemporary dandy. 

A “Retro clin d'oeil” to the mountain with the New Everest, the latest evolution of the mountain boot that has been a longstanding favourite of the maison. An unusual combination of materials: leather, cushioned fabric, inserts in soft deerskin ton sur ton, metal hooks with a rubber effect, golden bolts and melange wool laces. A contemporary concept of the mountain, but also a stylish choice for the city.

An original style for a new concept of leisure. Inspired by raw-chic, in deer or suede coloured by hand, high and low versions. An iconic element is the thick Para rubber sole that gives it particular character with a modern taste. A suitable choice for a self confident gentleman that looks for a form of expression in clothing which gives an original and interesting look.

Santoni Escape, a new concept of sneaker by Santoni, pairs the upper of the classic men’s shoes with a sporty, rubber sole designed with cuts that run through it to the borders. Clean lines and simplicity for the upper, where the only embellishment is the handmade stitching, high technology and extreme flexibility given for the sole. An innovative new evolution to the heritage of the brand.

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