donderdag 21 maart 2013

Travel in Santoni style & The ultimate of chic

To Travel in Santoni style:

Always perfect even while travelling, thanks to the accessories by Santoni. A discrete and sophisticated choice, that gives every man a precise and defined style. No need to worry about the details, everything has been minutely considered. The exceptional accessories distinguish Santoni traveler decreeing his uniqueness and class.

This set is composed by:
- A trolley with rounded lines but with a solid structure, in dark brown hand-colored calfskin.
- A pochette with clean and essential shapes, closed with a practical zipper, handle on one side.
- The iconic double buckle Santoni shoe made in "Goodyear Bologna" construction that makes it so flexible that it can be completely folded and occupy minimum space in the suitcase.

- Essential belt in dark brown hand-colored leather.
- A nécessaire kit with all the tools for the care of the shoes: cloth, brushes, polish cream
and shoehorn. Contained in a pochette in matching leather with the typical Santoni orange lining.
- Porte document de voyage, wallets and credit card holders in coordinated dark brown hand-colored calfskin.

The ultimate of chic:

The voluptuous pattern of the python, declined on several items for a very chic total look. Sandal with suede lace, clutch with satinized brass fastening, iPad case and belt. Close to the taste of the new style icons of Hollywood, women of intense beauty and intelligence, new protagonists on the international scene. The expressive power of the finest python affects the entire silhouette of these accessories. Perfect to combine with a simple but impacting outfit, for example the classic trench coat cinched at the waist, or a thick blue silk dress.

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