dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

Santoni - Eco-friendly craftsmanship

Sustainability and eco-compatibility, these are the key elements that inspire the craftsmanship of Santoni from a long time and they are expressed in the manufacture process, in the new headquarters as well as in the paper used in all press releases and in communication materials.The hides, used for manufacture of the footwear, are naturally tanned using only water and tanning substances of vegetable origin derived from the bark of some plants; therefore untreated hides. So the raw hides become leather in the total respect of ecology.The materials used to construct the new headquarters – glass, steel and aluminium – are 90% recyclable.

Another Santoni “must” is to work as much as possible with the natural light. The building are completely transparent and they have a “double-skin” facade that allows the building to function as a green house during winter months and as a solar hearth during the summer months.
In order to complete the “green” project Santoni has created a large photovoltaic power system by capacity of 1.107.500 kWh per year (approximately 170% of energy needs Santoni) on car parks and on the covers of their own production units, in order to auto-generate electricity directly from sunlight.

These systems generate clean energy that is used by Santoni for creating shoes to "zero impact", contributing to the protection of Planet Earth.
Finally the luxuriant hanging gardens in the main hall and the conference rooms provide an unexpected breath of fresh air to the offices, making them more pleasant and liveable, while also purifying the air in a natural way.

More pictures available on our facebook page. Check it out and become a fan at www.facebook.com/santonisociety 

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