vrijdag 19 augustus 2011

Santoni Society now also on Instagram

Do you have an iPhone? If you do, you probably know an App called Instagram. It’s a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures.

Snap a photo with your iPhone, choose a filter to transform the look and feel, send to Facebook, Twitter or Flickr – it’s all as easy as pie. It’s photo sharing, reinvented.
Oh yeah, did we mention it’s free?
After FacebookTwitter and Youtube, Santoni Society is also present on Instagram. We regularly post pictures of the beautiful things in life. Of course the most beautiful things are Santoni Shoes but let's be honest, some other things in life come close to that.

Things we like are for example a nice 1977 Italian Vespa R we spotted. People who love the best shoes in the world, probably will like the best toothpaste, cars, boats etc. Well we have posted and shared them with everybody to get you inspired.
If you have an iPhone, and you have Instagram, become a follower of Santoni Society. If you don't have Instagram, get it now for free on iTunes.com/apps/instagram. If you don't have an iPhone, don't worry, we also post our picture in our Instagram folder on Facebook, become a fan and you won't miss a thing.

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